NLP Training

Corporate NLP Training

  • Balance your life

    A One Day program for professionals who juggle between work and personal life.

  • Empower Self and Others

    A Two-day program for Mid Level managers and aspiring leaders.

  • Language Mastery

    A Two-day program for CEOs to master the use of language and to inspire and motivate others.

  • Leadership Excellence

    A Two-day workshop for Leaders and Top Management to hone their skills are leaders and to exhibit excellence as leaders.

Corporate NLP Training

Personal NLP Training

Personal NLP Training
  • Bridging the Gap

    A 2 Day program for professionals to Bridge the Gap between work and personal life.

  • De-stress with NLP

    A 2 Day Program to de-stress from personal or professional challenges and understand situations from a new perspective.

  • NLP for Conscious Parenting

    A One Day program to help Parents understand how they can influence their kids more effectively and consciously.

Educational Institutions NLP Training

  • Attitude is everything

    A 2 Day program for senior students to drive in the importance of right attitude towards studies, relationships and Life.

  • Teaching from Your heart

    A 2 Day program for Teachers to bring the best skills out to teach, to inspire and to positively influence the students.

Educational Institutions NLP

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