Corporate NLP

18 Nov 2017

Yet another batch of wonderful people. Wanting to reach heights is something everyone looks forward to. But how do we reach there is a big question, the answer to which no many knows. The discussions, the sharing of experience, activity based training helped the participants to realize where there are currently and where they want to go. The path will be clear only if there is awareness. Self awareness is the first step to get you to what you want. Corporate NLP is not just about helping one with getting on with work. It is about raising each one of the participants to a level where they become self sufficient and raise their standard to a better and fulfilling life.

Children’s Day Program

14 Nov 2017

The greatest gifts you can give your children are the roots of responsibility and the wings of independence.  The one day event specially concentrating on kids aged 5 to 13, was filled with laughter, fun and games. In the midst of all this the trainers did not fail to notice some of the disturbing behavior the children exhibited, and the end of the day this was communicated to the anxious parents too. Giving the children small responsibilities, trusting them to do it well gives them immense confidence and positivity. They love unconditionally, they laugh uncontrollably, they live in the now with no stress or fear of tomorrow. We sincerely wish that parents would learn from their children and nuture them to grow rather than imposing their fears, failures and doubts on to their children.

Conscious Parenting

11 Nov 2017

Every parent likes to believe that there are better than their own parents, they are giving their children what they never received, they are working morning and night to fulfill their children’s, need to give them the best. Well, the harsh truth that no parent wants to hear is that whatever they do it is not for their children but to fulfill their own emotional need. The emotional baggage that they unconsciously carry with them is what propels them to do what they do. The session was to wake the conscious mind to the possibility that maybe what they are doing for the children is not what the children want. Parenting is not natural; it should not be instinctual either. It is intuitive with the right mix of mindfulness, self awareness and wisdom. Each and every behavior you see in a child is a mirror to his/her internal landscape.

Corporate NLP

23 Sep 2017

Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) has great techniques and tools to help you fulfill not just your personal goals but also achieve professional  goals. Training a great group of people on how to increase their productivity, to maintain good work relationship, to avoid conflict and at same time to be able to communicate using words to motivate and influence has always was an experience in itself. Creating an atmosphere to grow and enhance oneself is what MindLinks thrives to do. All the best to all the wonderful participants.

Outbound Learning Program - ThinkPalm

29 July 2017

An Outbound Learning Session was held at Club Mahindra Resort, Cherai Beach for the Company, ThinkPalm Technologies Pvt Ltd, on July 29th, 2017. The participants numbered nearly 170 people. Bearing in mind the various levels of employees present, right from a new joiner to the COO of the company, the sessions were tailored to meet the expectations of all as much as possible.

Leadership Development Program

22 July 2017

MindLinks facilitated a one day Leadership Development Training for the senior personnel of the organization, Cubet Techno Labs Pvt Ltd, on 22nd of July, 2017. The modules were directed towards enhancing the knowledge of the participants in key areas like Assertive Communication, Change and its consequences, Relationship and Team Building etc.

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