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We are shaped by our thoughts; we become what we think – Buddha.

Welcome to MindLinks, a training firm which aims to link the gap between what we Have and what we Want.

Our story began when two like-minded people were brought together by their passion for training and sharing their learnings in the field of NLP with the world with a view to helping people better their work, businesses, relationships, and lives.

We, Julie D’silva and Sindhu Varma, joined hands to put together 14 years of experience and began this venture with the express intention of helping people materialize their dreams.

Being able to touch people’s life is the most satisfying part of being an NLP trainer. Helping people understand patterns in their life is critical which will solve most of the challenges a person is faced with. Change - an inevitable factor – is a part of our everyday life and adapting to those changes is a skill which once mastered can produce results like happiness, success, healthy relationships and most importantly - peace of mind. We believe that each one of us has the power to heal the past, shape the future, live life fully, right NOW!

About MindLinks

MindLinks is all about linking thoughts, words and actions harmoniously to achieve the desired results. We train participants to be aware of their thoughts, words and actions, their preferred mode of communication and how they can use it to influence another person or a situation. We use a wide range of tools and techniques to understand and help others understand behaviors, thus triggering resourceful changes leading to a quality life!

We are Master Practitioners in NLP and counselors in both Psychology and NLP, having till now, worked with over 1,000 people including executives, professionals, teenagers, homemakers etc. We are also Trained and Certified in Marketing & Sales, Human Resources Management, One-on-One coaching, and have experience in personal/family counseling. Soft skills and communication are some other areas we have expertise in.

In order to equip people with the necessary tools and techniques to lead a happy and fulfilling life,
MindLinks have come up with various programs.
Work-Life Balance

Work-Life Balance

Many believe Work-Life balance to be a myth, as they struggle to walk the tight-rope. Work and life are not two parallels, provided you have the ability to synergize the two. Even as some templates can be applied across all professions, certain others are tailor made to suit the nature of work and the industry. Our programs for executives and professionals focus on helping participants win back what they think is missing – excellence at work or satisfaction in life; or sometimes both.

For Business

For Business

MindLinks also runs specialized programs for entrepreneurs and senior personnel across various sectors, enabling them to scale new heights of excellence.

Teenagers & Parents

Teenagers & Parents

Advancement in technology and its by-products have widened Generation gap than ever before. It is common for parents and teachers to face hurdles as they attempt to drive children’s smooth transition to adulthood. The workshops for teenagers, parents and teachers are aimed at bridging this gap.

Meet Our Team

 Julie D’silva
Julie D’silvaManaging Partner
Sindhu Varma
Sindhu VarmaManaging Partner
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